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The Water

Hi, welcome to Florida Keys Overseas Water world!

Florida Keys Overseas Water Bahia Honda Park


(freshly picked from the clouds)


No frills, just the understated and refined taste of sky vapor. This water is a new level of pure and untouched. Direct from the sky and not the ground, avoiding all that unknown beneath your feet. Just like fresh dew on the leaves of a crisp morning. Drink easy knowing the water you drink has one by-product…fresh clean air! In a nut shell we make our own super clean rain clouds indoors and make it rain, this keeps the water pure and free from all that bad stuff.

Completely sodium-free, but that’s not it, it’s fluoride - free, chloride - free, sulfates-free and more 'free' unlike most waters that don’t actually tell you the mysteries of what is in the water you drink everyday. Overseas water is also a source of calcium, magnesium and invigorating electrolytes…and nothing else.



 Alkaline  Ultra Pure  Electrolytes 



100% sky vapor



Free of sodium, fluoride and chloride


Source of calcium and magnesium. Calcium is bone builder and contributes to healthy heart*

* A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended for good health


Water, Calcium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Bicarbonate, Sodium-free, Fluoride-free.


Where do we source and bottle Overseas Water?

Florida from Space 

Big Pine Key, one of the southern most remote islands of the Florida Keys and the USA

We source and bottle Overseas water on the remote tropical island of Big Pine Key, Florida Keys ('keys' - a chain of small islands). Located in-between the vast Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic ocean and only a short flight from the Caribbean. Isolated in a fresh air paradise 80 miles out to sea, benefiting from the natural air circulation of the gulf stream and prevailing winds. Overseas water is also located on a protected U.S. wildlife reserve away from industry and urban pollution.