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We were just thinking when and how to kick off our Blog page. Now is probably the best time to start talking about Florida and our home, The Florida Keys. Our fresh start up is based in the Florida Keys, however we are quite new to the Keys and have just started learning all about the community strength of locals coming together after Hurricane Irma.
Our whole team evacuated far away from the hurricanes path, we closed and safeguarded the factory as much as we could, and spent the next 7 sleepless nights closely watching news channels and social media for a glimmer of hope that the Hurricane had spared our dew farm and our neighbors houses. When our security cameras got cut off a few days before the eye of the storm meandered over our factory we knew we had to expect the worst. 
In this time of suspense and stress we were surprised to see so many supporting messages from business owners and customers we had met along the way. Due to the intensity of the storm the roads were completely inaccessible so we were stuck far north away from our home.  We grouped together with locals to share any information we had on the status of our island including private plane aerial footage. Collectively we obtained enough information before returning to be assured our dew farm was still standing all be it a few roof holes, missing doors and at least 4ft storm surge.
We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who wrote to us during the hurricane and helped our team to get back. The Florida Keys community is incredibly strong and this inspires us to get through any difficulties that the future might bring and rebuild what was lost.  
When our co-founder Duane came back to the Keys there was no electricity, no cell network, no water, no food, no fuel. He couldn’t believe the great spirit of owner Gary Teplitsky, of Baby’s Coffee, who opened up his café doors to all Keys residents giving all of his products for free to support the Keys people. This inspired us to give over 300 gallons of Overseas Water we recovered from our factory to the people for free and spent a week helping where he could. 
Our business, despite some damages, is about to run again. Some people were less fortunate. Our friend Jenny Sullivan who started Cone republic a gourmet ice cream shop on Big Pine Key lost her business to the hurricane. Cone Republic has some of the best ice cream ever, and we mean EVER.  Jenny is the kindest, driven and down right amazing business woman out there. Please follow this link if you can help get local ice cream back to the Florida keys!
Thank you for lighting up our hearts once again, Florida. 
Founders of Overseas Water,
Maria and Duane

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  • We were in Italy when Irma hit. Our dog sitters evacuated KW with our dog and car. Another set of neighbors convoyed with them to Alabama to get away from Irma’s wrath. They loaded up both vehicles with caseloads of overseas water. Needless to say I was thrilled to have a bottle once back stateside. We’re headed back now, and can’t wait to get home where I still have some cases of overseas water left. We love your product! We love our Keys strength and pride too. We truly are One Human Family and will get through this together. So happy the factory was spared from major damage.????Julie Schinzer

    Julie Schinzer

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